PhotoVision Adventures with Paul Mullins

Added on by Paul Mullins.

We just wrapped up our Spring Yosemite Workshop, the dogwood were in bloom, the Moonbows were shining and the Tioga Pass road had just opened. but best of all was the friendships made. the chemistry was so positive and inspiring. Everyone went home with great images and new skills in being creative. 

There’s nothing quit like sharing an adventure with other photography fanatics that love finding those perfect compositions, being encouraged with good conversation, experiencing opportunities to express themselves with an image, and love learning new skills together in a non threatening positive environment. This is why you need to join us in one of my up coming photography workshops. Not only will I get you to the best locations at the right times of the day but you will discover how to really see with a new eye, not only your physical sight but also to begin seeing with your heart. 

Here are a few comments from past workshop participants;

I highly recommend that you invest in yourself. Paul Mullins is an excellent teacher and is well versed in his craft. His fall colors workshop is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and enjoy all the beauty that God intended for us. You will be a better photographer and a better person for doing so. 



I was so glad to be a part of the workshop.  I was inspired to take my photography to a higher level.  Thanks for inspiring and helping me to approach photography differently then I ever have.  By slowing down and really looking for that inspiration and then trying to communicate that while having fun, was most beneficial to me. Thanks Paul for the great time!  Lot's of fun.  Look forward to doing it again.


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