Attending Paul’s recent Seeing with a New Eye workshop in Yosemite was a major step in helping me to grow and mature my craft. In the past, I would use my camera as a tool to document an event or location, and Paul’s workshop helped me to get past that, and learn to experience the time and place in a whole new way.

God has given us a beautiful and infinite world to explore and enjoy, and we should all be out in it! Photography has become that tool for me, getting me outdoors and allowing me to explore God’s masterpiece.

Ansel Adams described this process as “moving from an external event to an internal event”. Images then become a feeling, a mood or a personal emotion. You don’t just “see” a picture… you experience the moment. You feel the mist of a waterfall, the awe of a grand vista, the sound of the aspens quaking, and the eye popping color explosion of a sunset or fall foliage.

It is like a nap for the soul, refreshing and well deserved.

I highly recommend that you invest in yourself. Paul Mullins is an excellent teacher and is well versed in his craft. His fall colors workshop is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and enjoy all the beauty that God intended for us. You will be a better photographer and a better person for doing so.
— Todd Reed, Fall Colors Workshop 2014